Breakthrough Video Recruiting Formula - LIMITED

$497.00 USD

This course is designed for network marketers who....


  • Need to prospect fast and on a busy schedule
  • Are lacking or ran through their big warm-market list
  • Want to learn how to turn viewers into customers
  • Want to consistently recruit new people every month 
  • Need a simple and duplicatable system for their team.


In this course you will learn how to use this tried and tested video recruiting formula to increase your recruiting numbers each month and make it easier to follow-up with prospects!

With in-depth training from not just one, but two top-earning marketers, you'll get the EXACT video recruiting secrets that NOBODY else is telling you, yet has produced THOUSANDS of new customers and reps!

What People Are Saying:

I can’t believe what a deal this course is! I’m on the 4th module and already feel I got my waaaayyyyyy more than what I paid for! This course is a steal! I am making a commitment to my very first LIVE tomorrow. It’s no longer so scary after listening to Brian and Billy. Thank you guys…you are awesome!

Angela Larraga

I just crossed the 1500 viewer mark for my most recent video, while still gaining comments and shares! So far I have gained 18 new followers, a dozen or more friend requests, several women reaching out through messenger thanking me for this! What I have learned is narrowing down your target market, figuring out exactly what you have that can help them, and then speaking directly to them is key. Make sure you have something of value for your targeted audience so they want to reach out to you! Follow Brian & Billy’s formula….It is amazing what can happen!

Cindy Vresics

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